This page lists all publication by ÖGHD.


  1. Graz Conference
    The Graz Conference takes place since 1995. Up to 2001 conference venue was the University of Graz, the until 2004 the Medical University Graz. Since then the Graz Conference is organized by one of the Austrian Medical Universities or the University for Veterinary Medicine.  2012 the conference was guest in Timisoara, Romania.
    In the first years conference contributions were published in a conference booklet only. later on in Zeitschrift für Hochschuldidaktik (journal for didactics in higher education).  2008 to 2013 all abstracts were also published online at the German Gesellschaft für medizinische Ausbildung (Society for medical Education). Since  2014 abstracts are published as conference booklet and online in the web pages of Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik.

  2. Zeitschrift für Hochschuldidaktik (ZFHD, Journal for Higher Didactics)

    1978 – 2002 the Zeitschrift für Hochschuldidaktik was published as print medium. Thus the ZFHD has a rich  tradition as Journal covering topics of higher education in German speaking countries. In September 2004 ZFHD was replaced by its online doughter also titled Zeitschrift für Hochschuldidaktik.

    To make the printed articles available a summary of all issues published until 2004 are listed. Selected articles and abstracts are available for download. (Work in progress).

  3. Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung (ZFHE, Journal for Academic Development)
    In March 2006 the online edition of ZFHD became independent and was renamed to ZFHE - Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung.
  4. Other Publications